Let’s be honest: the Canadian winter is pretty unbearable.

Not only do we need to manage the constantly changing temperatures canada goose jacket sale and unpredictable snowstorms, but increasingly, we need to dress canada goose jacket men us countless layers to not die of cold.

A little over a year ago, the software developer Jamil Khan is is tanned difficulties of the Canadian winter and chose to quit her job to create the ultimate winter coat. Fast forward canada goose bomber jacket to January 2016, at the launch of the Smart Parka, winter coat that will solve all your problems.

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Described as the “most comprehensive winter coat world”, Smart Parka contains everything you’ll need this winter – a scarf and gloves, a lining detachable sleeves for gloves and hats and a flexible length, along with a CAP and a fur detachable. The coat also contains pockets for your phone, Tablet, glasses, as well as a chip in case of loss of the mantle.

Thanks to the detachable lining and its impermeability, the coat is in all temperatures, canada goose jacket clearance chilly fall to the winter cold.

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The Smart Parka contains a built-in scarf.


The coat comes in three styles for men and four for women, all canada goose jacket available in four colours. And as they are created with the help of designers from Toronto, they aren’t practical, they are also stylish.

Gloves integrated into action.

Since the arrival of the coat on Kickstarter in January, the company of Khan, North Aware, surpassed much his goal of $ 30,000. With 23 days left in the campaign, the team canada goose parka sale has already raised $ 957 195.

Smart Parka sells for $ 740, but the first hour Kickstarter fans can get one for $ 295.

To learn more about the Smart Parka, visit their Kickstarter page and see the above video (English only).

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